The Art Newspaper

“15 years after the approval of the Historical Memory Law, Spain is still plagued with unmarked mass graves and Francoist monuments. As conservatives vow to revoke it and socialists fail short in applying it, one has to ask: where’s the political will to undo the las 50 years of silence”. Great article in The Art Newspaper by Alexandra Coego ahead of Spain’s election on 23 July featuring Memoria Perdida.

Ecos de la Memória - Museu de Belles Arts de Castelló

The exhibition 'Ecos de la memoria. Fotolibros del presente' (Echoes of Memory. Photobooks of the Present) looks back at the Civil War with photographs by grandchildren and granddaughters. It includes my work Memoria Perdida and can be visited between 11 May and 9 July at the Museu de Belles Arts de Castelló.

Museu de Belles Arts de Castelló

The book Memoria Perdida will be part of the exposition Ecos de la Memoria at the Museu de Belles Arts de Castelló. Opening 11.05.2023 at 19:00 hours.

Memoria Perdida Archivo Guerra Civil UJI

The first photographic memory archive of the Spanish Civil War is born. A team of researchers from the Jaume I University of Castellón has recovered more than one hundred recent photographic publications from the Civil War, including exhibition catalogues, photographic books and photobooks. Memoria Perdida is part of the project that will be presented tomorrow at the photography congress that is being held in Alcalá de Henares.

Memoria Fotográfica de la Guerra Civil

The book Memoria Perdida has been added to the archive "Memoria Fotográfica de la Guerra Civil" of the Universitat Jaume I.

Memoria Perdida at the Fine Art Igualada Photo Festival

Memoria Perdida will be part of the XI Edition of the Fine Art Igualada Photo Festival in February 2023.
25.02.2019 — 19.03.2023
Biblioteca Central
Plaça Cal Font, 2-3

Conference - San Telmo Museoa

Interesting conference by Lee Fontanella, historian and photography researcher, on trends in war photography. Among other works he reflects on my body of work Memoria Perdida. Lee Fontanella is the curator of the exhibition "Between the smoke and the mist" at the San Telmo Museum in San Sebastian.

The New Yorker - Spain's Open Wounds

Happy to see my photograph of the Valley of the Fallen in the The New Yorker featuring a great article: "Spain’s Open Wounds. Decades after Franco’s regime, the country’s citizens continue to unearth the crimes of the past."

Memoria Perdida in Barcelona

The city of Barcelona did a nice job putting up streetbanners for the exhibtion Memòria Perduda (catalan for Memoria Perdida) that took place at the Castle of Montjuïc from 10th May to 18th November 2018.

Memoria Perdida in Lugo

Exhibition at the Centro Cultural O Vello Cárcere, 16 March —2 May 2019 Praza da Constitución, 27002 Lugo, Spain, Tel. +34 982 297 195

Memoria Perdida on RiffReporter

Interview "Bewegende Erinnerung" by Björn Göttlicher on the exhibition and book Memoria Perdida for the German online magazine RiffReporter.

PHotoEspaña 2019

Memoria Perdida will be part of PHotoEspaña 2019 in collaboration with the Goethe-Institut Madrid. 06.06.2019 — 16.08.2019. Mon-Fri: 09.00 h – 19.00 h. Sat-Sun: Closed. Free admission. Goethe Institut Madrid, Calle de Zurbarán, 21, 28010 Madrid - T +34 913 913 944

Memoria Perdida in Lugo

Opening of Memoria Perdida on 16th March at 12:00 at the Centro Cultural O Vello Cárcere in Lugo. The Vello Cárcere is located in the former prison of Lugo and many people imprisoned here disappeared during the Franco regime. Memoria Perdida - Miquel Gonzalez 16th March — 2nd May 2019 Centro Cultural O Vello Cárcere, Praza da Constitución, 27002 Lugo, Spain Tel. +34 982 297 195

Memoria Perdida in La Coruña

Exhibition at the Casa Museo Casares Quiroga. I am looking forward to see you at the opening on 14th February at 19:30. 14 February—10 March 2019 Casa Museo Casares Quiroga, Rúa Panaderas, 12, 15001 A Coruña, Spain Organized by: ARMH (Asociación para la Recuperación de la Mémoria Histórica), Sponsored by: Castell de Montjuïc/Ajuntament de Barcelona and ifa (Institut für Auslandsbeziehungen)

Memoria Perdida - iMPACT DOC Amsterdam

It was a pleasure discuss the benefit of remembering wars through photography with Ton Hendriks and Misha Piperic. If you are in Amsterdam you can see this compact show of Memoria Perdida funtil 14 June 2019 at iMPACT DOC, Keizersgracht 166, Amsterdam.

Opening - Goethe-Institut Madrid

We had a successful opening of the exhibition Memoria Perdida at the Goethe-Institut Madrid. The exhibtion is part of the international festival for photography PHotoEspaña 2019 and will be on view until 31 August 2019. Photos: © Goethe-Institut Madrid, Photographer: David Sirvent

Artsy Magazine

Artsy Magazine has published a great article on my photo-book and exhibition Memoria Perdida.

Diario de Burgos

Diario de Burgos on the book and exposition Memoria Perdida.

Apollo: The International Art Magazine

Amazing review by Apollo: The International Art Magazine​ of my solo show Memoria Perdida within PHotoEspaña​ 2019: "But the show that most disturbingly and urgently embodies a feeling of déjà vu is Gonzalez’s project documenting Spain’s fosas comunes – unmarked mass graves where more than 100,000 citizens were killed and discarded during the Civil War – in excruciating detail. Every stone, leaf, and blade of grass in these abandoned fields, gulches, and walls is accounted for, as if offering evidence of what transpired there...

Memory Studies Association Conference 2019

25 – 28 June 2019 Madrid is the capital of Memory Studies hosting the Annual Memory Studies Association Conference 2019. I am happy to see that my exposition Memoria Perdida at the Goethe-Institut Madrid within PHotoEspaña 2019 is part the official arts program.

Memoria Perdida - La 2 Noticias

Spanish RTVE La 2 Noticas news featuring MEMORIA PERDIDA.

Radio Interview for istopia Historia

Juan Ramón Ortega from Radio Iznájar interviewed me for the history program istopia Historia. Click to listen.

Memoria Perdida - Telediario RTVE

Spanish RTVE Telediario news featuring my exhibition MEMORIA PERDIDA at the Goethe-Institut Madrid as part of the international festival for photography PHotoEspaña 2019.

El Pais - Valley of the Fallen

‘Deep Space’ presented at the Goethe Institut in Madrid, uses virtual reality to change the totalitarian nature of Civil War monument the Valley of the Fallen. The Goethe Institut is also hosting a photo exhibition by Miquel González about the lingering traces of Francoism.

Remembering Wars with Photography - iMPACT DOC Amsterdam

The necessity to keep remembering wars with photography. On Friday 24 May I will take part in a debate on the use of war images and the necessity to keep remembering wars with photography. In her latest book Regarding the Pain of Others, Susan Sontag wrote that the public should remain open to images of world problems because they should not be forgotten. The debate is about the role of war images in our media age. Two photographers are taking part in the debate, which is led by editor-in-chief of Pf Magazine Ton Hendriks. 16.00-18.00pm, 24 May 2019. Free Entry. Location: iMPACT DOC, Keizersgracht 166, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Memoria Perdida in Bureau Buitenland NPO Radio 1

Interview at the dutch NPO Radio 1 Bureau Buitenland about Franco's relocation from the Valle De Los Caidos and my book Memoria Perdida.

The Washington Post

In Sight: Memoria Perdida. The Washington Post features my book Memoria Perdida: ‘I captured the places as close to the same hour, day and season of the year of the killings as possible’.

Memoria Perdida in Frankfurter Allgemeine Woche

"Totenstille" (Deathly Silence). Frankfurter Allgemeine Woche featuring Memoria Perdida, my series on Spain's lack of historical memory. Published in Frankfurter Allgemeine Woche Nr34, 17-08-2018.

Exhibition & Book Presentation Memoria Perdida in Alkmaar

Book presentation and opening of the exhibition Memoria Perdida Friday 29 juni, 17:30 at Karavaan in Alkmaar. I will talk about my project Memoria Perdida and of course the exhibited prints will be available for sale. You are welcome to visit he show Wednesday-Friday 9:00-17:00 or on appointment. 29 June—1 August 2018, Karavaan, Luttik Oudorp 114, 1811MZ Alkmaar, The Netherlands

Radio 4 Territori Clandestí (Interview in Catalan)

Territori clandestí - Memòria perduda a les fosses comunes. Durant la Guerra Civil 200.000 civils van ser assassinats. Que sapiguem, els cossos de 114.000 persones resten encara en fosses comunes. El fotògraf Miquel González ha fet una investigació i ha localitzat algunes d'aquestes fosses oblidades que encara no han estat excavades ni commemorades. Les ha fotografiat intentant ser el més fidel possible al moment en què es va produir l'assassinat, el mateix dia i hora. Amb això vol, a través de la imatge, intentar apropar-se a les sensacions de les víctimes i denunciar el poc reconeixement que han tingut.

Exhibition: Memoria Perdida in Barcelona

The Castle of Montjuïc in Barcelona will exhibit my series Memoria Perdida from 10 May 2018 to 11 September 2018. The castle, a former prison and execution site during the Spanish Civil War and postwar, is an impressing location to show the work. Memoria Perdida (Spain's Lost Memory 1936-1975) comprises photographs of atrocity sites and sites of mass graves that have not been opened or commemorated yet. To this day the bodies of up to 114,000 ‘disappeared’ from the Spanish Civil War and the dictatorship of Francisco Franco lie in unmarked mass graves in roadsides, on the edges of towns and villages, in ravines or in fields.

Memoria Perdida at the Castle of Montjuïc, Barcelona

The Castle of Montjuïc in Barcelona will exhibit Memoria Perdida from 10th May 2018 to 11th September 2018.

Memoria Perdida nominated for GoSee Award 2017

I’m happy to see my series Spain's Lost Memory 1936-1975 nominated for this year's GoSee Award 2017 in the category reportage photography. Spain's Lost Memory comprises photographs of the sites of the atrocities or of the mass graves, that have not been opened or dignified to date.