Apollo: The International Art Magazine

Amazing review by Apollo Magazine of my solo show Memoria Perdida within PHotoEspaña 2019:
"But the show that most disturbingly and urgently embodies a feeling of déjà vu is Gonzalez’s project documenting Spain’s fosas comunes – unmarked mass graves where more than 100,000 citizens were killed and discarded during the Civil War – in excruciating detail. Every stone, leaf, and blade of grass in these abandoned fields, gulches, and walls is accounted for, as if offering evidence of what transpired there... The son of Spanish immigrants, Gonzalez grew up in Germany, a country with its own dark past. He reminds us that human history is all around us. It just needs a second look." Read the full review at Apollo Magazine
View the show:
6 June—31 August 2019
Goethe-Institut Madrid
Calle Zurbarán, 21
28010 Madrid, Spain